The lands, waters and our relatives—from the salmon to the towering cedar—are in danger. But it’s not too late.

Together, we can protect the breathtaking web of life which works hard to sustain us all.

Did you know that octopus has three hearts, nine brains & eight tentacles and yet moves as one?  Now is the time to bring our different gifts together.

Indigenous being Salmon
Indigenous being Salmon


You, along with raven, orca, eagle, wolf and our other relatives have gifts that could work well together. When we bring our unique gifts into collaboration, anything is possible.

“Swan teaches us that sharing gracefully includes humility and that our human thoughts and values are only one perspective.”


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We express gratitude to kQwa’st’not~Charlene George (SCBC leadership team member) for sharing her artwork and knowledge and to all those in the Sierra Club BC family that contributed to this landing page. To learn more about our new strategic direction and evolving environmental justice commitments please see “Growing Into Balance” and “Balancing the Canoe”. 

Intellectual property described by kQwa’st’not.